Shout Out Sunday March 19th 2023
By Lieutenant Jared Simpson
March 19, 2023

Meet Charlie; Charlie has been an EMS provider for over 35 years, starting in 2016 with the Hope Valley Ambulance Squad (HVAS)
Charlie works full-time for Alert Ambulance while volunteering his time at HVAS every Thursday; Charlie has also worked with numerous other EMS agencies, including Exeter EMS and Foster EMS,

In January 2020, Charlie was injured while Volunteering his time at HVAS, fracturing two bones in his leg. Charlie was out of work for a little more than a year and returned to work in February 2021; Charlie showed true dedication to the ambulance squad by returning to volunteer every Thursday after recovering from his injury.

Charlie enjoys riding his motorcycle, going to the gym, and going on nature walks in his spare time.

Thank You, Charlie, for your dedication to our agency.

We at Hope Valley Ambulance Squad take pride in all of our members, from Driver to Paramedic; we are always looking for new members; for more information about joining, please email

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